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Game 26: Bulls 113, Bucks 90

5 Feb 2012

Three Stars (leaderboard)
1. Derrick Rose: 26 points (.532 TS%), 7 rebounds, 13 assists
2. Kyle Korver: 18 points (.692 TS%),  6 rebounds, 3 assists
3. Luol Deng: 21 points (.553 TS%), 9 rebounds, 1 block

More than perhaps any other game this season, this one was nothing but smiles for the Bulls and their fans, including thousands who made the Bradley Center feel like a college game.

Of course, the action on the court had something to do with that. Derrick Rose scored 13 points in the first 4:45 and it was a blowout the whole way. It’s hard to disagree with Bucksketball’s Jeremy Schmidt: Writing about this game seems silly.

The Bucks put up a good fight in the teams’ recent meeting in Chicago, and they’re actually are in playoff position right now. (They’re sitting in the No. 8 spot previously reserved for New York.) But boy, when they go bad, they really look awful.

Unlike some teams we know, Milwaukee has no prayer of winning in the absence of both Andrew Bogut and Stephen Jackson.

Brandon Jennings, hit in the mouth early by Rose’s opening burst, totally retreated into his shell and didn’t score the first of his eight points until the second half.

Drew Gooden had a classic Drew Gooden game: 24 points with a .690 true shooting percentage … and nothing else. Three rebounds (all defensive) one steal, one block, and zero defensive effort. At least Carlos Boozer usually looks like he’s trying to play defense.

Led by those two dogs, the Bucks had little chance against a Chicago team running on all cylinders. Tom Thibodeau probably would have preferred to win 93-70 instead of 113-90, because most opponents aren’t going to be as paper-thin as Milwaukee, but it’s hard to fault the Bulls for playing less-than-perfect defense when the baskets were coming so easy on the other end.

Box Score

Record: 20-6, first in the Eastern Conference
Next: Monday 2/6 at New Jersey, 6:30 CT


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