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Confidential to Reggie Miller

3 Feb 2012

TNT screenshot

Reg, buddy. I know you’re the worst TNT analyst this side of Shaq, but you can’t give the Knicks defense a D-minus on your season report card just because it sorta feels like they don’t play good defense.

Since defense is about allowing as few points as possible, how about you look at the number of points they’re allowing?

Even if you use the imperfect measure of points allowed per game, the Knicks rank 17th of 30 teams, which isn’t great, but probably doesn’t merit a D-minus.

What’s more, this has been the 10th-best defense in the league if you use the far, far, far preferable measure of defensive rating, which accounts for fact that Mike D’Antoni’s team plays the second-fastest pace, which obviously is going to lead to more possessions at both ends.

(And these are the numbers after New York allowed the Bulls 105 points. They were even better when you did your grades.)

I shouldn’t expect you of all people to know about defense, but come on, Reggie. Numbers are your friend.


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