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Nonsense Bullshit of the Night

26 Jan 2012

“And this is a point in the game where maybe Indiana starts to feel just — have a little doubt creep in. They’ve played a lot of close games, tough, physical games with the Bulls, and in most instances haven’t been able to get over the hump. When you play a team a lot of times, and even though you play ’em tough, in terms of winning and losing, you’re on the losing side more often than the winning side, you start maybe to doubt yourself a little bit coming down the stretch.”

— Neil Funk, last night, 8:41 left in the fourth

It didn’t make any more sense in context; the Pacers led 81-80 at the time and had been chugging along just fine for the past few minutes.

They, of course, not only continued on to win the game, they led the rest of the way. There was no collapse. And even if there had been, it wouldn’t have been psychological in nature. And even if it had been, Neil Funk had no way of knowing that beyond a fondness for the worst kind of sports cliche and mumbo jumbo.

Please. Leave the nonsense to Stacey King.


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