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Stat Check

25 Jan 2012

(click image for the bigger, sharper version)

No huge surprises as we examine the Bulls’ individual offensive and defensive ratings nearly one-third of the way through this abbreviated season.

You’re looking for a high offensive rating and a low defensive rating — or in other words, the top right quadrant. Circle sizes are weighted for playing time.

As befits a team with the best record in the league, nearly every Chicago player rates above the league average (designated by the heavy black lines) at both ends of the court. (The exceptions being Omer Asik and John Lucas III on offense.)

Now, these numbers aren’t gospel. Carlos Boozer rating ahead of Ronnie Brewer (and sixth in the entire NBA) on the defensive scale is your first hint of that. But taken as a whole, they track well with what we think we know about these Chicago Bulls.

My top three takeaways:

1. Asik not only leads the team in defensive rating, he leads the league.

2.  Derrick Rose’s defensive rating tracks with the idea that he still has work to do on that end of the court.

3. The Bulls benefit tremendously from having a bench scorer like C.J. Watson.


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