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Tom Terrific

11 Jan 2012

The good news? Tom Thibodeau is a defensive genius.

The bad news? Everyone else is stealing his stuff. Beckley Mason explains:

The most important strategic development in professional basketball over the past ten years is Tom Thibodeau’s strong side half court pressure defense (working title). No other single innovation has had a greater impact on how the NBA’s elite teams play. Last season the Heat, Celtics, Bulls, Lakers and even Mavericks all deployed some semblance of the principals that transformed the NBA and made mobile power forwards and centers without any real offensive skills more valuable than ever before. …

Watch the Rockets defend the same San Antonio play on consecutive possessions. The first time down, the Rockets hustle but Tim Duncan eventually gets the ball in his sweet spot. In the second possession, the Rockets go into full-on Thibodeau mode [and get a steal]. The difference isn’t the amount effort, but where it is applied.

Sure, it would be great if the Bulls could have exclusive rights to this most glorious defensive scheme, but look on the bright side: With Thibodeau, there’s probably more where that came from.


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