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Forget About Dwight Howard

23 Dec 2011

Still playing with ESPN’s Trade Machine, trying to figure out a way to get Dwight Howard to Chicago? Sam Smith says don’t bother.

Smith advises against breaking up a Bulls team he sees as championship-ready, but he also has big problems with Howard:

Not happening, and, frankly, my dear, I no longer could give a heck for that Atlanta native. It’s mostly a non starter because Howard has made it pretty clear he doesn’t want to be in Chicago. I suspect it’s some combination of what will keep him from ever being a champion: He fears being outshined by Derrick Rose but doesn’t understand he cannot ultimately succeed unless he’s with a better player than he is. … I mostly say [Howard is] immature, but that clown act he often displays with the Superman outfits and outsized behavior suggests a still mixed up kid who might want to take his ball and leave at any time.

K.C. Johnson is similarly pessimistic about Howard coming to town:

The Lakers have Kobe Bryant and the Nets have Deron Williams. But Rose is going to be here far longer than Kobe will be playing for the Lakers. And Deron Williams is more an All-Star complimentary player as opposed to a dominant All-Star like Rose. Again, these are educated guesses. And I don’t get it either. Rose likes to defer by nature. And he’d throw lob pass after lob pass to Howard. But it’s not going to happen.


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