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Just Fine, Thank You

21 Dec 2011

I might be alone in Chicago, but Beckley Mason is on my side when it comes to the idea that the Bulls “needed” to add a name-brand shooting guard to complete their starting five. Writing before Rip Hamilton’s arrival, he notes:

[T]his team won 62 games last year with the league’s best defense and its 11th best offense. A tweak here or there might serve them well, and there’s no doubt adding a player with shooting, defense, and one-on-one scoring capabilities like Arron Afflalo would be a boon. But there’s no need for a personnel overhaul. If anything, last season’s occasional offensive struggles were less a product of the players on the court than they how the Bulls’ coaching staff employed them.


The idea that the Bulls are “a player away” for a title is bunk. They were the best team in the NBA for 82 games last season despite two of their four most important players being injured for a ton of games.

No contender is without serious flaws. The quest to build a perfect team is a fool’s errand, but a team that plays together perfectly–that’s something attainable.

As it turns out, the acquisition of Hamilton fits well with Mason’s prescription that the team run an offense that makes use of their “glut of intelligent passers and cutters rather than one that requests all defenders eyes and elbows focus on Derrick Rose.”

Hamilton probably is exactly the kind of active, intelligent veteran player the Bulls could use the most. But it’s not because Rose, Noah, Boozer and Deng weren’t enough.


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